Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fast Functions via Randomized Algorithms: Fastfood versus Random Kitchen Sinks

I just noticed the following while reading Learning at Scale by Alex Smola: a randomized scheme that aims at replacing the Random Kitchen Sinks approximation to Kernel Learning at large scales. Random Kitchen Sinks were featured here a while back, Here is the site to learn more about Random Kitchen Sinks (or Random Features as they were called back then).

I'll wait for the paper.

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Anonymous said...

I just read a couple papers from google about "their" fastfood algorithm. Basically it is a verbatim recitation of information I had on the google code website a few years ago. They have however made every effort not to acknowledge the originating source of the information. Fortunately I have deep pools of creativity to draw on while they are embalmed in their own dogma.

Igor said...

Please send me email so we can discuss this offline.