Friday, November 16, 2012

Around the blogs in 80 summer hours

One person reading this entry must be doing so under his/her summer season. First and foremost, we have two summaries of two different meetings:
Thank you Laurent and Anna for these summaries.

Dirk had No post from Oberwolfach but asks What is convexity?

Anna also featured her Lecture 15 on CS
Bob presented the: ACM MIRUM video of my GTZAN dataset analysis and ACM Workshop on Music Information Retrieval with User-Centered and Multimodal Strategies
Suresh talked about  On the elections, Nate Silver, and lessons for data mining and Data, Dimensions and Geometry oh my !
Math Blogging featured Mathematical Instruments: cp’s mathem-o-blog
Emmanuel has some 1-bit news that we mentioned earlier.
Danny talked about Raspberry Pi (we agree these little critters are gonna make Big Data bigger)

Albert talked about Curved CCD sensor and more at Vision Stuttgart 2012
Martin talked about Lund University HumLab eye tracking equipped classroom/lab.

Doyung talked about Belief Propagation for music recommendations with Mapreudce And Giraph
Brian suggested to us How to invest in machine vision

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