Monday, November 26, 2012

COSMOS: sparse modeling software - implementation -

Ignacio Ramirez, who did his PhD with Guillermo Sapiro, just sent me the following:

Hello Igor,
The reason I'm writing to you is regarding a sparse modeling software that I just released. The package is called COSMOS and is currently in its alpha version.
The interesting thing about it, which is the core of my PhD, [Thesis: Second Generation Sparse Models ] is that it works with automatic model selection criteria, so that things such as desired sparsity in the solutions, or dictionary sizes, are automatically chosen based on, for example, information theoretic principles such as MDL, AIC or BIC.
It also contains some interesting variants on traditional dictionary learning methods, such as bounded and total variation based atom learning.
Please check it out at 
I have other stuff that may be of interest to your blog. Please visit (especially the Software and Publications sections) to see them.

COSMOS stands for Codelength Oriented Sparse Modeling System and will be featured in both the big picture in compressive sensing as well as the Matrix Factorization Jungle page.. Thanks Ignacio !

PS: By the way I am impressed that one can retrieve the shadow of the pedestrians!

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