Monday, December 10, 2007

Compressed Sensing: Blog entries and website updates.

Terry Tao has an interesting entry on random matrices in Additive combinatorics and random matrices. At the same time, Muthu Muthukrishnan has an entry on Compressed Sensing, entitled: Compressed Sensing Enriched. Also, Rick Chartrand just tells me the article mentioned in the Restricted Isometry Properties and Nonconvex Compressive Sensing entry is now available here. Michael Grant, Stephen Boyd, and Yinyu Ye released a new build (Version 1.1, Build 577) for CVX ( Matlab Software for Disciplined Convex Programming), they also seem to have a new introduction page providing a good explanation of what the software does to newcomers.

And remember kids, Cassini will flyby Titan on Dec. 20 or ten days from now. It will fly above Titan at an altitude of 970 km above it. Not the 1 million km of this photo:

Photo credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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