Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Meeting Review and a New Capability at InView Corp.

Pierre just wrote down a review of the SIGMA meeting he attended last week.

Bob made a mention of a new capability at Inview Corp.

A new workstation designed for Compressive Sensing researchers
InView Technology Corporation, the world leader in Compressive Sensing (CS) imaging products, has launched the first in a series of CS Workstations. The InView220 provides CS researchers with the ability to easily prototype and test novel CS algorithms on a complete hardware imaging platform. Researchers are provided with unprecedented ability to apply novel measurement bases to a high-speed, high-definition spatial light modulator, and to process the light levels measured from Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) detectors. 
The major components of the InView220 are an imaging Sensor, which includes a 1920x1080 digital micromirror device and a 32-diode detector array, and a Sensor Controller, which is preloaded with the InView Development Environment (IDE) software
For more check the InView Corp. site out.

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