Sunday, April 10, 2011

Somewhere or Nowhere ...

I recently updated both the Teaching Compressed Sensing and the Compressive Sensing Meetings pages. Let me know if there is something missing there. At the heart of all this effort of teaching, learning and meeting is a need for people to understand and talk about what they do and see if it fits their own problems, efforts, solutions....In between learning alone and meeting in nice places with the best experts, there is a wide spectrum of activities such as hacking something, see if it works, and then iterate which will lead you somewhere or nowhere. If you are in the middle of this, and want some feedback, what you really want to do is meet with someone who is like minded yet is not your "competitor" and the solution is probably to join the LinkedIn Compressive Sensing group, check like minded people in your geographical area and get together to have those Nuit Blanche Conversations. The key idea is not talking about going to one of these conversations but to have this important conversation

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