Saturday, April 09, 2011

What's Stopping You ?

On MetaOptimize (and other channels):

Hello, I am using L1 magic for Compressive sensing. Can anybody please tell if i can replace DWT/DCT with FFT basis in it for image compression? or is there any other code which uses DWT/DCT as basis for random(magic matrix)?
Here is what I responded:
Sure, why wouldn't you be able to replace it ? In the end, you are making the transform larger in scope. It might be a little more inefficient, but I am surprised you are asking this question as it is just a question of trying it. A pointer to an example using fft is here:

This example is using spgl1 as opposed to the solvers used in l1-magic.

I should have said: Just Do It, we are in this period of time where you don't have to get permission from anybody to try something. What's stopping you ?

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