Tuesday, April 26, 2011

CS: Compressive Sensing for Array Processing Internship at MERL

Petros just sent me the following:

Igor, we have a new internship opening at MERL which we would like to fill very soon. I would appreciate it if you post it on Nuit Blanche.
Thanks Petros ! Here is the announcement:

Compressive Sensing for Array Processing.
MERL is seeking a highly motivated qualified intern to conduct research in the area of Compressive Processing for array processing applications. The ideal candidate would have background in Compressive Sensing, signals with finite rate of innovation, or similar sub-Nyquist signal acquisition techniques. Some experience with array processing is desirable. Internships last 3-6 months, depending on availability and qualification of the candidate, and typically result in one or more publications. For information and to apply, contact Petros Boufounos (petrosb@merl.com). Please include position ID: MM529 in the e-mail subject.

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