Monday, May 19, 2008

CS: Nonlinear Approximation Techniques Using L1 meeting at Texas A&M University

Howdy y'all, I haven't blogged since Thursday as I was enjoying the meeting on Nonlinear Approximation Techniques Using L1 organized by Ron DeVore, Jean-Luc Guermond and Bojan Popov. It was a rich experience as many of the talks and off discussions veered into discussing issues of Compressed Sensing. Jean-Luc and Bojan told us that the talks would be on the meeting's webpage this week. Much kudos goes to them for organizing such a smooth and interesting workshop.

Since I had seen a fair amount of hits on this entry (the IMA videos/ Where is my popcorn), I offered to take videos of the presentations pretty much the day before the meeting started. I unearthed a hard drive video camera my group had purchased to fly on a stratospheric balloon (it eventually was replaced by a normal still camera and yielded these magnificient results) and started recording. I think I missed Tony Chan's presentation to my dismay. The Everio camera is known to have a proprietary video format, so we are currently doing some post-processing to make them readable on the web. Eventually, they will be posted on the meeting page as well. I make no guarantee to the sound nor on the quality of the tapes (lightning, camera movement,...) .

Credit Photo: Flickr, Rudder Fountain at Texas A&M University.

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