Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CS: Presentations of the meeting on "Nonlinear Approximation Techniques Using L1" now online.

Woohoo. Thanks to the organization set forth by Jean-Luc Guermond, Bojan Popov and Ron DeVore, the presentations of the meeting on Nonlinear Approximation Techniques Using L1 are now online. Here is the list of papers with the names of the presenters (The videos are being worked on)

  1. Petros Boufounos: L1 minimization without amplitude information
  2. Tony Chan: TVL1 models for imaging: global optimization and geometric properties: Part I
  3. Ronald DeVore: Decoders for Compressed Sensing
  4. Selim Esedoglu: TVL1 models for imaging: global optimization and geometric properties: Part II
  5. Anna Gilbert: Combining geometry and combinatorics: a unified approach to sparse signal recovery
  6. Jean-Luc Guermond/Bojan Popov: Approximating PDEs in L1
  7. Alexander Kurganov: Numerical Methods for Modern Traffic Flow Models
  8. Gitta Kutyniok: l1-Minimization and the Geometric Separation Problem
  9. Stanley Osher:The split Bregman method for L1-regularized problems
  10. Tom Goldstein: Fast Bregman Iteration for Compressive Sensing and Sparse Denoising
  11. Alexander Petoukhov: l^1 greedy algorithm for finding solutions of underdetermined linear systems
  12. Justin Romberg: Architectures for Compressive Sampling
  13. Panagiotis Souganidis: Rates of convergence for monotone approximations of viscosity solutions
  14. Eitan Tadmor: L1 Techniques for Three Problems in PDEs, Numerics and Image Processing
  15. Jared Tanner: The surprising structure of Gaussian point clouds and its implications for signal processing
  16. Richard Tsai: Exploratory path planning and target detection
  17. Yin Zhang: Enhanced Compressive Sensing and More

I'll come back on some of the presentations later.

Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona. Small rayed impact crater, about 160 meters (530 feet) in diameter, in the Tharsis region in the northern hemisphere of Mars. Image acquired on April 11, 2008.

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