Friday, April 29, 2011

CS: Concentration Week on "Greedy Algorithms in Banach spaces and Compressed Sensing" at Texas A&M University

Forget about what Donoho said ("You’ve got Terry Tao talking to geoscientists, what do you want?") to the NSF folks about compressive sensing crossing over and being a bridge between many different worlds. The following meeting is hosted at Texas A&M University but the site of the meeting is hosted at University of Texas. WOW, forget about today's wedding, the last flight of Endeavor, this is news.

The concentration week on "Greedy Algorithms in Banach spaces and Compressed Sensing" at Texas A&M University is part of the Workshop in Analysis and Probability at Texas A&M from July 5 to August 5. The week will occur July 18-22, 2011.

From the description:

When encoding or reconstructing a vector using an iterative algorithm, a natural approach is to take the best or biggest approximation at each iteration. Such techniques are referred to as greedy algorithms. The theory of greedy algorithms, developed largely over the past 20 years, has had significant connections with Banach spaces, approximation theory, and signal processing. Of particular note is the applications of greedy algorithms to compressed sensing. The theory of compressed sensing is concerned with encoding or reconstructing vectors which are sparsely represented with respect to a given basis. In other words, given a basis for a high dimensional Hilbert space, how does one identify a vector which is a linear combination of only a small number of basis elements? This concentration week will hold introductory lectures on these topics, as well as presentations of new results at the frontiers of research. Some topics will be on greedy algorithms, some on compressed sensing, and some on the interplay between the two areas.
The following invited speakers will present a series of 3 talks:
Steven Dilworth (3 introductory talks on greedy algorithms and bases)
Kevin Ford (1 introductory talk and 2 advanced talks on explicit construction of RIP matrices)
Przemyslaw Wojtaszczyk (3 talks on compressed sensing)
Vladimir Temlyakov (3 talks on greedy algorithms)

The following invited speakers will each present a talk:
Fernando Albiac
Smbat Gogyan
Eugenio Hernandez
Anna Kamont
Boris Kashin
Denka Kutzarova
Evgenii Livshits
Maria de Navitade
Tanmoy Paul
Krzysztof Smela
Rachel Ward
Andras Zsak
More speakers will be listed once they are confirmed. There will be several time slots available for talks. If you would like to give a talk please contact the organizers.
This Concentration week is part of the Workshop in Analysis and Probability at Texas A&M July 5 to August 5. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend other workshop events. In particular the Summer Informal Regional Functional Analysis Seminar (SUMIRFAS) will be held July 29-July 31, and the Concentration Week on "Non-Linear Geometry of Banach Spaces, Geometric Group Theory, and Differentiability" will be held August 1-5. There will also be talks scheduled in for the workshop in the days between concentration weeks.

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