Monday, January 29, 2018

Job: Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer, Scortex, Paris, France

 Christophe let me know of a job opportunity at, the announcement is here:


Scortex deploys artificial intelligence in the heart of factories.
We help our customers take the next big leap in smart automation thanks to our Quality Intelligence Solution.
Our platform enables manufacturing companies to take control of their quality:
  • Automate visual inspection tasks
  • Monitor key quality data in real time through our intuitive platform 
  • Improve production process by consolidating production knowledge.
Thanks to our proprietary deep learning platform, we provide a state-of-the-art performance and robust vision solution for quality intelligence.
What you will do

As a proactive member of the machine learning and computer vision team, your work will include a varied range of challenges:
explore various state of the art techniques to help solve tasks currently unbeaten by computers;
  • stay on the bleeding edge of research and participate actively in the community;
  • design, develop and implement supervised and unsupervised models with extremely constraining requirements not only on accuracy, but also on real-time execution, fast and scalable training processes and minimal annotation levels;
  • help improve our pipelines of data acquisition, training and inference.
What we are looking for
  • In-depth knowledge of deep learning techniques applied to computer vision: deep convolutional networks, autoencoders, image (pre)processing, regularization;
  • Proficient knowledge of both supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques : clustering, object detection, generative models, dimensionality reduction;
  • Understanding of standard computer vision techniques : filtering, transformations, descriptors and detectors;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the mathematics underlying all of the above : probability and statistics, optimization, linear algebra, numerical computation;
  • Proven experience with at least one machine learning framework (bonus points for Keras or Tensorflow);
  • Good programming and software engineering skills;
  • Experience with the unix environment.

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