Tuesday, January 23, 2018

CSjob: Postdoc for research in reservoir computing, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland

Stéphane just let me about this Postdoc opportunity:

Dear Igor,


I am also contacting you because my friend Juan-Pablo Ortega is offering a postdoc position at St Gallen University (Switzerland) on very exciting new trends in Machine Learning, based on Reservoir Computing. Do you think it could be appropriate to post a link to this job announcement on your blog Nuit Blanche (see pdf attached) ? Juan Pablo’s web page is here: http://juan-pablo-ortega.com/

All the best,

National Physical Laboratory
Data Science Division

Sure Stephane, here is the announcement:

At the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of St. Gallen a new
ASSISTANT / POSTDOCTORAL POSITION for research in reservoir computing
will be filled starting April 1st , 2018 or later.

This position is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation project entitled “Novel Ar
chitectures for Photonic Reservoir Computing”. Research will be conducted under the su
pervision of Prof. Juan-Pablo Ortega (see http://juan-pablo-ortega.com for an overview of his 
current research agenda) and in collaboration with the photonics group of the IBM Research 
labs in Zurich. The tentative duration of the contract is 30 months.
The successful candidate will become part of a young research team, with a strong interest 
for the interplay between dynamical systems, machine learning, and statistical modeling, as 
well as for applications of those techniques to financial econometrics and physiological signal 
treatment. The group is located at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics of the University 
of St.Gallen (http://www.mathstat.unisg.ch).

Applications for the position should be sent by e-mail to Mrs. Margit Albers (math-
stat@unisg.ch) no later than March 1st, 2018.

Candidate Profile:
- Ph.D. in a strongly quantitative subject: Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics,
- Strong background in dynamical systems and in both deterministic and statistical modeling
- Interest for machine learning and optimization
- Knowledge in financial econometrics and/or signal treatment is a plus
- Good programming skills (Matlab, R, Python, C,...) are required
The application package must contain:
- Motivation letter
- Complete Curriculum vitae
- Two recommendation letters
- Research activity in the context of the project “Novel Architectures for Photonic Reservoir
- Some teaching support at the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics at various levels.

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