Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ce soir: Paris Machine Learning Meetup #5 Season 5: IronCar, Mobile AI, Rules mining

The Paris Machine Learning Meetup #5 Season 5: will take place tonight, thank you to Fortia for hosting this meetup and sponsoring the food and drinks afterwards. Streaming is here.

6:30 PM doors opening ; 6:45 PM : talks begin ; 9:00 PM : talks end, 10:00 PM : end

In this short presentation, we will focus on a very practical NLP problem: how to spot automatically investment rules in a Fund Investment prospectus. At the begining it looks like a very out-of-the-box machine learning problem, but we are fast confronted with real world language modelling problems and its complexities. The goal of the talk is to present the (very specific) problem, its difficulties and how we overcame them.
Mobile cellular networks are becoming increasingly complex to manage while classical deployment/optimization techniques are cost-ineffective and thus seen as stopgaps. This is all the more difficult considering the extreme constraints of 5G networks in terms of data rate (more than 10 Gb/s), massive connectivity (more than 1000000 devices per km2), latency (under 1ms) and energy efficiency (a reduction by a factor of 100 with respect to 4G network).
Unfortunately, the development of adequate solutions is severely limited by the scarcity of the actual ressources (energy, bandwidth and space). Recently, the community has turned to a new ressource known as Artificial Intelligence at all layers of the network to exploit the increasing computing power afforded by the improvement in Moore’s law in combination with the availability of huge data in 5G networks.
This is an important paradigm shift which considers the increasing data flood/huge number of nodes as an opportunity rather than a curse. In this talk, we will discuss through various examples how the recent advances in big data algorithms can provide an efficient framework for the design of 5G Intelligent Networks.

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