Friday, August 11, 2017

30 new Numerical Tours in Julia - implementation -

Gabriel mentiond it on his Twitter feed:
More than 30 new Numerical Tours in Julia has just been released. It consists in all the most important Numerical Tours, and covers all the topics, from Wavelet image denoising to 3D mesh parameterization. Enjoy! 
This conversion has been funded by the ERC project SIGMA-Vision, and it has been performed by Ayman Chaouki and Quentin Moret, congratulation for this nice work! 
These are the Julia tours, that can be browsed as HTML pages, but can also be downloaded as iPython notebooks. Please read the installation page for more information about how to run these tours. 
Note that it is a work in progress to port all the Numerical Tours to Julia. Help is wellcome, please refer to the GitHub repository for how to proceed.
Basics Wavelets Approximation, Coding and Compression Denoising Inverse Problems Optimization Shapes Audio Processing Computer Graphics Mesh Parameterization and Deformation Geodesic Processing Optimal Transport

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