Sunday, May 07, 2017

Sunday Morning Videos: Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence symposium at NAS 154th Annual Meeting

Yann points to this series of videos of a symposium of the National Academies of Sciences. Noteworthy is Bill Press who introduces the symposium. This is quite fitting as Bill is a major figure behind the Numerical Recipes that has changed algorithm use in Engineering and Science in the mid-90's.

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence  

In less than a decade, the field of “artificial intelligence” or “AI” has been jolted by the extraordinary and unexpected success of a set of techniques now called “Deep Learning”. These methods (with some other related rapidly advancing technologies) already exceed average human performance in some kinds of image understanding; spoken word recognition and language translation; and indeed some tasks, like the game of Go, previously thought to require generalized human intelligence. AI may soon replace humans in driving cars, coding new software, robotic caregiving, and making healthcare decisions. The societal implications are enormous. In this session, experts in the field discuss this revolution from five different perspectives. The Symposium has concluded. A recording is available above.

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