Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A 2.9 TOPS/W Deep Convolutional Neural Network SoC in FD-SOI 28nm for Intelligent Embedded Systems (and a Highly Technical Reference page on Neural Networks in silicon.)

So last night I was talking to Thomas at the STMicroelectronics Techno day at Opera de Paris. He was featuring a recent architecture they are designing and presented at the last ISSC conference.  

A 2.9 TOPS/W DeepConvolutional Neural NetworkSoC in FD-SOI 28nm forIntelligent Embedded Systems by Giuseppe Desoli, Nitin Chawla, Thomas Boesch, Surinder-pal Singh, Elio Guidetti, Fabio De Ambroggi, Tommaso Majo, Paolo Zambotti, Manuj Ayodhyawasi, Harvinder Singh, Nalin Aggarwal

I also discovered a Highly Technical Reference page on Neural Networks in Silicon by Fengbin Tu. The page is here: https://github.com/fengbintu/Neural-Networks-on-Silicon

The page has been added to the Highly Technical Reference Page.

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