Friday, May 12, 2017

Speckle-based hyperspectral imaging combining multiple scattering and compressive sensing in nanowire mats

The paper has been pusblished but it was also just put on arxiv since Optics Letters is a Romeo green journal and allows preprints and even postprints to be archived. Enjoy !

Encoding of spectral information onto monochrome imaging cameras is of interest for wavelength multiplexing and hyperspectral imaging applications. Here, the complex spatio-spectral response of a disordered material is used to demonstrate retrieval of a number of discrete wavelengths over a wide spectral range. Strong, diffuse light scattering in a semiconductor nanowire mat is used to achieve a highly compact spectrometer of micrometer thickness, transforming different wavelengths into distinct speckle patterns with nanometer sensitivity. Spatial multiplexing is achieved through the use of a microlens array, allowing simultaneous imaging of many speckles, ultimately limited by the size of the diffuse spot area. The performance of different information retrieval algorithms is compared. A compressive sensing algorithm exhibits efficient reconstruction capability in noisy environments and with only a few measurements.

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