Monday, January 16, 2017

Thesis: Privacy-aware and Scalable Recommender Systems using Sketching Techniques by Raghavendran Balu

Congratulations Dr. Balu !

Privacy-aware and 
Scalable Recommender 
using Sketching 
 by Raghavendran Balu

In this thesis, we aim to study and evaluate the privacy and scalability properties of recommendersystems using sketching techniques and propose scalable privacy preserving personalization mechanisms. Hence, the thesis is at the intersection of three different topics: recommender systems, differential privacy and sketching techniques. On the privacy aspects, we are interested in both new privacy preserving mechanisms and the evaluation of such mechanisms. We observe that the primary parameter  in differential privacy is a control parameter and motivated to find techniques that can assess the privacy guarantees. We are also interested in proposing new mechanisms that are privacy preserving and get along well with the evaluation metrics. On the scalability aspects, weaim to solve the challenges arising in user modeling and item retrieval. User modeling with evolving data poses difficulties, to be addressed, in storage and adapting to new data. Also, addressing the retrieval aspects finds applications in various domains other than recommender systems. We evaluate the impact of our contributions through extensive experiments conducted on benchmark real datasets and through the results, we surmise that our contributions very well address the privacy and scalability challenges.

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