Friday, May 22, 2015

Four million page views: a million here, a million there and soon enough we're talking real readership...

I know it's just a number but there is some Long Distance Blogging behind this figure. It amounts to about a million page views per year. Here are the historical figures:
a page view is not the same as a "unique visit", here is that figure:

 which amounts to 650 unique visits per day on average, a number that is consistent with Google's sessions numbers.
Here as some interesting tags developed over the years:
  • CS (2161) for Compressive Sensing
  • MF (514) for Matrix Factorization
  • implementation (355) features work that has code implementation associated with them.
  • ML (208)  for Machine Learning
 the social network "extension" of the blog:
But also 
Finally, the Paris Machine Learning Meetup
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