Friday, April 03, 2015

iLab, IFPEN, Paris Machine Learning Meetups this April

What a week !
On Monday, I was invited by Laurent Duval to give a presentation at IFPEN Doctoral school. Stephane Mallat and Laurent Daudet were also presenting. I learned a few things from these presentations, more on that later. In the meantime, here is my presentation

This morning, we defended our start-up project in front of Ernst and Young and Erdyn auditors. The defense is part of the selection process for i-Lab funding. Let me just say the project centers around hardware but this is not a sensor. Announcements should be made in the June/July timeframe. In the meantime, we are continuing our search for funding and development opportunities.

(As an aside Olivier Laly did an outstanding job on the 90 second video required for the competition)

This morning we also crossed the 2000 membership milestone for the Paris Machine Learning meetup group making this meetup not only the largest of such meetup outside the U.S. but it also ranks us in the top 5 position worldwide, wow! Franck and I are happy to see there is much interest in the matter.
Upcoming meetings this month include

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Unknown said...

Dear Igor,
Thanks for posting such an informative presentation at PML meetup.

I wish to inquire if its possible to get the video of the presentations including yours.

Waiting for a reply

Igor said...


All the videos and presentations of the Paris Machine Learning meetup can be found here: