Monday, October 28, 2013

WCSCM Special Session: “Advances in data acquisition and processing techniques for health monitoring of civil infrastructure"

Petros Boufounos just sent me the following:

I hope all is well. This special session should be very interesting to compressive sensing researchers. Can you please post the announcement on your blog? A link to the special session on the conference webpage is here:


Thanks Petros
6th World Conference on Structural Control and Monitoring July 15-17, 2014, Barcelona, Spain (
Special Session 08: “Advances in data acquisition and processing techniques for health monitoring of civil infrastructure” organized by
Agathoklis Giaralis (City University London, UK)
Satish Nagarajaiah (Rice University, USA)
Integrated solutions for the condition assessment and for the health monitoring of contemporary civil infrastructure involve the use of large networks of data sensing and processing units commonly connected wirelessly. In this context, the effectiveness of structural health monitoring (SHM) applications relies heavily on the efficiency of such wireless sensor networks (WSNs) to acquire, process, and transmit large quantities of different types of data measurements at a minimum monetary and power consumption cost: an issue of concern for all applications involving the use of large unattended WSNs.
This special session aims to bring together researchers from diverse fields in engineering and applied mathematics to address the issue of reducing the various costs of WSNs for SHM applications by considering recent advances in data acquisition and processing techniques.
An indicative non-exhaustive list of pertinent topics include: representation, modelling, acquisition, and analysis of sparse signals in time and/or in space for SHM applications; non-uniform, random, and sub-Nyquist analog data sampling techniques; modelling and processing of imprecise measurement data; efficient data compression and reconstruction algorithms in support of wireless data transmission; condition assessment and damage detection algorithms undertaken within WSNs in a decentralised manner; data fusion techniques for processing and management of SHM measurements within WSNs; robust data processing algorithms for SHM applications assuming non-conventional sampling techniques and data compression algorithms.
Technical papers discussing the algorithmic and theoretical aspects of techniques related to the above indicative topics and their tailoring to meet the practical needs of SHM of different civil structures (buildings, bridges, dams, tunnels, etc.) are mostly welcome. Further, contributions on technological sensing solutions in support of recent algorithmic advancements are also welcome. Finally, opinion papers targeting the issue of exploiting novel theoretical/mathematical advancements and technological tools from diverse fields to facilitate the timely and challenging problem of using WSNs for SHM of civil infrastructure are invited.

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