Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Nuit Blanche In Review (September 2013)

It's been a year now and I think this monthly exercise is worth it for everybody, including me! At the same time, we have had Another Year in Reproducible Research in Compressive Sensing, Advanced Matrix Factorization and more featuring a slew of different implementations made available by their authors. As they say in Aggieland, it's the second time, so it is now officially a tradition: reproducible research is part of our DNA. 

The last Nuit Blanche in review is here.

I just created the Paris Machine Learning Group on LinkedIn, if you are interested in our local  meetups, or get a sense of what it entails being a machine learner in the city of lights, you might want consider joining. The next meetup will take place on October 16th and will feature probably none other than the awesome Andrew Gelman. If you are in the Paris area or traveling to Paris for a few days and want to talk about getting data and making sense of them (and even act on them), please get in touch with Franck Bardol and I as we expect these meetings to take place once a month. 

Following up on 2497..2498..2499..Andrei Bursuc became the 2,500th member of the Compresive Sensing Group on LinkedIn

In the different conversation groups, I noticed that Kiran Varanasi mentioned his paper on the G+ group and answered a few questions from members of the group. The same question about an engineering project using compressive sensing was posted on both the Reddit group and the G+ group: pick one and answer there. Finally, Evgeniy posted a question about sparse matrices from the math stackexchange and posted it on the G+ group

The Reproducible Research movement continued on Nuit Blanche this month as new  following implementations were made available

Credit: NASA/ESA

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