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Randomized Items:Uncompressing CS, Les Houches school on "Statistical physics, Optimization, Inference and Message-Passing algorithms", Upcoming workshop on "Statistical Issues in Compressive Sensing"

First Andrew had a post on Uncompressing the concept of compressed sensing go read it and post a comment there if you feel inclined, I'll wait.

The Statistical physics, Optimization, Inference and Message-Passing algorithms School at Les Houches ended on October 11, 2013, here are the presentations for some of the speakers as well the titles of posters. I am told that notes were taken and they would be made available in the future. Stay tuned, in the meantime:
List of lecturers:
First week:

Second week:
  • Marc Mezard (ENS Paris): Cavity method: message passing from a physics perspective. 
  • Andrea Montanari (Stanford Univ.): idem... 
  • Rudiger Urbanke (EPFL): Error correcting codes and spatial coupling 
  • Amin Coja-Oghlan (Frankfurt Univ.): Phase transitions in random discrete structures: a rigorous approach 

List of posters:
1. Marco Mondelli: Scaling Exponent of List Decoders with Applications to Polar Codes 
2. Andrei Giurgiu: A proof of the exactness of the replica symmetric formula for LDPC codes above the MAP threshold. 
3. El-Khatib Rafah: Displacement Convexity - A Framework for the Analysis of Spatially Coupled Codes 
4. Santhosh Kumar Vanaparthy: Threshold Saturation for Spatially-Coupled LDPC and LDGM Codes on BMS Channels 
5. Hamed Hassani: New lower bounds for CSPs using spatial coupling 
6. Jean Barbier: Robust error correction for real-valued signals via message-passing decoding and spatial coupling 
7. Francesco Caltagirone: Dynamics and termination cost of spatially coupled mean-field models 
8. Cohen Or: Low temperature expansion of steady-state measures of nonequilibrium markov chains via graphical representatio 
9. Aurelien Decelle: Belief Propagation inspired Monte Carlo 
10. Yuji Sakai: Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method with Skew Detailed Balance Condition 
11. Satoshi Takabe: Typical behavior of the linear programming method for combinatorial optimization problems 
12. Masahiko Ueda: Calculation of 1RSB transition temperature of spin glass models on regular random graphs under replica symmetric ansatz 
13. Wang Chuang: Tensor renormalization group method for spin glass 
14. Gino Del Ferraro: Mean field spin glasses treated with PDE techniques 
15. Flaviano Morone: Large deviations of correlation functions in random magnets 
16. Andre Manoel: Statistical mechanics for the analysis and design of information hiding algorithms 
17. Ayaka Sakata: Time evolution of autocorrelation function in dynamical replica theory 
18. Alexander Mozeika: Projected generalized free energies for non-equilibrium states 
19. Stefan Falkner: A Renormalization Group Approach to Quantum Walks 
20. Moffatt, Iain: The Potts-Tutte connection in an external field 
21. Jonas Dittmann: TV regularized tomographic reconstruction from few (X-Ray) projections based on CS 
22. Yingying Xu: Statistical Mechanics Approach to 1-Bit Compressed Sensing. 
23. Christophe Schulke: Blind Calibration in Compressed Sensing using Message Passing Algorithms 
24. Wang Chuang: Partition function expansion for generalized belief propagation. 
25. Harrison Elizabeth: Probabilistic Control in Smart-Grids. 
26. Maksym Girnyk: A Statistical Mechanical Approach to MIMO Channels 
27. Ulugbek Kamilov: Wavelet-Domain Approximate Message Passing for Bayesian Image Deconvolution 
28. Rémi Lemoy: Variable-focused local search on Random 3-SAT 
29. Alberto Guggiola: Mapping between sequence and response space in the olfactory system in Drosophila 
30. Marcus Benna: Long-term memory with bounded synaptic weights 
31. Or Zuk: TBA 
32. Jack Raymond: Utilizing the Hessian to improve variational inference 
33. Andrey Lokhov: Dynamic message-passing equations and application to inference of epidemic origin 
34. Aurelien Decelle: Decimation based method to improve inference using the Pseudo-Likelihood method 
35. Alejandro Lage Castellanos: TBA 
36. Munik Shrestha: Spread of reinforcement driven trends in networks with message-passing approach 
37. Dani Martí: Scalability properties of multimodular networks with dynamic gating 
38. Abigail Zoe Jacobs: Latent space models for network structure: an application to ecology 
39. Shunsuke Watanabe: The analysis of degree-correlated networks based on cavity method 
40. Caterina De Bacco: Shortest non-overlapping routes on random graphs. 

The DFG/SNF Research Group FOR916 and the DFG Research Training Group 1023 organizes a workshop on Statistical Issues in Compressive Sensing at the University of Göttingen, Germany, November 11-13, 2013. The list of abstract is below:

Image Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
N00217830.jpg was taken on October 21, 2013 and received on Earth October 22, 2013. The camera was pointing toward SATURN-DRING at approximately 1,463,952 miles (2,356,003 kilometers) away, and the image was taken using the CL1 and CL2 filters. 

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