Thursday, October 03, 2013

CfP: ITWIST'14: "international - Traveling Workshop on Interactions between Sparse models and Technology"

Laurent Jacques sent me the following CfP

- Call for Papers –

The second edition of the “international - Traveling Workshop on Interactions between Sparse models and Technology” (iTWIST) will take place in the medieval and picturesque town of Namur in Belgium. The workshop will be conveniently located in “The Arsenal” building within walking distance of both hotels and town center. One implicit objective of this workshop is to foster collaboration between international scientific teams by disseminating ideas through both specific oral/poster presentations and free discussions. For this edition, iTWIST’14 will feature 9 invited talks, 10 oral presentations and 40 posters.
– Topics of interest –
iTWIST’14 welcomes 2-page paper submissions on any aspects of the following themes,
all related to the theory, application and generalization of the “sparsity paradigm”:
  • Sparsity-driven data sensing and processing
  • Beyond linear and convex inverse problem
  • Blind inverse problems and dictionary learning
  • Information theory, geometry and randomness
  • Sparsity? What’s next?
  • Union of low dimensional subspaces
  • Matrix/manifold/graph sensing/processing
  • Sparsity and computational neuroscience
  • Complexity/accuracy tradeoffs in numerical methods
  • Sparse machine learning and inference
– Invited Speakers –
For this edition, the workshop is honored by the participation of the following renowned speakers:
– Important Dates –
  • Oct. 7, 2013: 2-page paper submission opening
  • Dec. 15, 2013: Paper submission deadline
  • Feb 7, 2014: Confirmation of accepted papers
  • Feb 21, 2014: Final manuscript due
(Detailed submission guidelines will be provided soon on the iTWIST’14 website)
– Scientific and Local Organizing Committees –
  • Laurent Jacques (UCL, Belgium);
  • Christophe De Vleeschouwer (UCL, Belgium);
  • Yannick Boursier (CPPM, Aix-Marseille U., France);
  • Prasad Sudhakar (UCL, Belgium);
  • Christine De Mol (ULB, Belgium);
  • Aleksandra Pizurica (Ghent U., Belgium);
  • Sandrine Anthoine (LATP, Aix-Marseille U., France);
  • Pierre Vandergheynst (EPFL, Switzerland);
  • Pascal Frossard (EPFL, Switzerland).
  • Jean Deschuyter (UCL, Belgium);
  • Adriana Gonzalez (UCL, Belgium);
  • Kévin Degraux (UCL, Belgium)
– Sponsors –
The iTWIST’14 organizing committee thanks the following sponsors for their help and fundings:
* UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
* F.R.S. - FNRS, Belgium
* CNRS, France
* The MUSICS and CIL doctoral schools

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