Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Were Your Aha! Slides in Compressive Sensing ?

 Many aspects of Compressive Sensing are well explained when it comes to the compression aspect of it or when it comes to showing the difference between the l_0/l_1 and l_2 norm for the reconstruction stage (l_1/l_p balls). However, after one has gotten the point, additional levels of insight can be triggered by the view of simple and effective slides. Here are some of the few I have gleaned over the past two or three years. This entry is a draft version of a more complete post that will include more slides that made people say "Aha!". I have listed the authors of the presentation but I will eventually link to the full presentations in the more complete version of this post. If you have a slide for which you had an aha! moment or know of a slide that made others have this aha! moment, I am interested in hearing about them and why. You may notice that some slides have nothing to do with Compressive Sensing as presented.

Bhaskar Rao

Victoria Stodden

Jared Tanner

Deanna Needell


Mark Neifeld

Roummel Marcia and Rebecca Willett

Gerry Skinner

Felix Hermann

Anna Gilbert

From here.


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