Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Jacques Devooght's draft: Approximate Green's Function of the Linear Boltzmann Equation for Finite Media

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 Jacques Devooght passed away back in August 1999. I had met him at Georgia Tech a mere three months earlier during the 16th Transport Theory Conference where I had presented a poster about using wavelets for decomposing the scattering kernel used in the linear transport equation, The idea was to show that for highly peaked scattering kernels such as those occurring in biological media for optics/IR, the sparser decomposition would permit fewer computations. Jacques, a very nice man with a soft voice, and I got to talk as I expressed my amazement on his finding elementary (polynomial) solutions in five variables (three dimensional space and two angles) to the linear Boltzmann equation [1]. Since his solutions were polynomial (but not positive) and wavelets were orthogonal to polynomials up to a certain order, we talked about how there could be some sorts of complementary approach. At the end of the dinner, he mentioned to me that he was working on something that might be interesting and decided that as soon as he would be back in Belgium, he would send me a draft. He did. I heard about his untimely passing a year later (as my email on the draft to him never got an answer). I recently went through some of my stuff and found the draft. I converted it in a pdf format to make it available to whoever think it might be interesting:

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