Saturday, June 04, 2011

Kinect Teleconferencing with Real-time 3D Capture and 3D Display

Via (I stole their title). Let us think about this for a second, four off the shelf cameras sending structured lighting to get 3-d data are becoming a piece of technology that can disrupt the whole travel industry.


Matthieu said...

Hi Igor,

when you wrote "a piece of technology that can disrupt the whole travel industry", this reminded me a project that some students I supervised did for a youth contest last year. They had to imagine the way of communicating in 2020.

They proposed a hologram-based 3D-chat, provided with a touch simulation. One of their proposed applications was an alternative to real trips. More information here (the website is not working anymore):

With Kinect Teleconferencing, there is "just" the touch simulation to add in the system. One may assume the signals recorded by the grid of nano sensors on the clothes to be sparse and one might use CS for compressing this information.


Igor said...

Hi Matthieu,

I think I have seen something like this. This is a great subject for great thought friday ;-)

Stay tuned.