Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Paris Machine Learning Meetup #7 Season 5, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), AI for HR, decentralized AI

Tonight we will be hosted by Urban Linker ! The video of the streaming is here and presentation slides will be available here as well before the meetup. Stay tuned.


Joseph Dureau, Snips NLU (, an Open Source, Private by Design alternative to cloud-based solutions

As part of its mission to expand the use of privacy-preserving AI solutions, the Snips team has decided to fully open source its solution for Natural Language Understanding. Snips NLU is an alternative to all cloud-based NLU solutions powering chatbots or voice assistants: Dialogflow,, Recast, Amazon Lex,, Watson, etc. You can run it on the edge or on premises, thus avoiding giving away your user data to a third party service.

Erik Mathiesen, (, An AI Careers Advisor: Using Machine Learning to Predict Your Career Path specializes in smart solutions for recruitment. In this talk, I will describe how we use AI, and in particular Neural Networks and Deep Learning, to analyse and predict people’s career paths. Having analysed millions of CVs, our system can predict from a person’s CV what jobs are most likely to be next in the career path of that individual, as well as when the next job move is mostly likely to happen. By doing this, we enable companies to predict and find better candidates as well as forecast future hiring needs within an organisation. I will outline the technologies and techniques used in this application and give a few illustrative example of its usage.

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