Thursday, March 29, 2018

L'intelligence Artificielle au service de l'humain / AI for Humanity

English summary: Cedric Villani, a Field medalist and now a member of the parliament, is issuing the report of his commission on AI today. The AI for humanity event around it, is taking place at College de France. The President of France will also describe the French strategy when it comes to AI this afternoon. The Villani commission report is here.

Several organizers of meetups around AI, including those of the Paris Machine Learning meetup,  were invited to contribute to this discussion.

 Cedric Villani, le médaillé Field et parlementaire, rend public aujourd'hui le rapport de la commision sur l'IA. L'événement "L'intelligence Artificielle au service de l'humain" se passe au collège de France. Le président Macron  présentera la stratégie française sur l’intelligence artificielle cette après-midi. 

Le streaming est ici en Français
The streaming is here in English:

Le rapport Villani est ici.

Les grands axes du rapport Villani:
Plus précisément:

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