Thursday, March 22, 2018

Around the blogs in 78 hours (and 7 million page views on Nuit Blanche )

I haven't gone around reading the blogs on the interweb in a while, here is the good stuff I have been missing

Table of Contents.
  1. Make It Happen. Reinforcement Learning as prescriptive analytics.
  2. Total Control. Reinforcement Learning as Optimal Control.
  3. The Linearization Principle. If a machine learning algorithm does crazy things when restricted to linear models, it’s going to do crazy things on complex nonlinear models too.
  4. The Linear Quadratic Regulator. A quick intro to LQR as why it is a great baseline for benchmarking Reinforcement Learning.
  5. A Game of Chance to You to Him Is One of Real Skill. Laying out the rules of the RL Game and comparing to Iterative Learning Control.
  6. The Policy of Truth. Policy Gradient is a Gradient Free Optimization Method.
  7. A Model, You Know What I Mean? Nominal control and the power of models.
  8. Updates on Policy Gradients. Can we fix policy gradient with algorithmic enhancements?
  9. Clues for Which I Search and Choose. Simple methods solve apparently complex RL benchmarks.
Sanjeev et al


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