Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Paris Machine Learning Meetup #6 Season 5: Nano-neurons, Drug design, Electronic Health Records...

Merci à Zenika de nous accueillir et de sponsoriser le networking event.
Pour s'inscrire, c'est ici. Premier arrivé, premier assis.

 Video streaming:

Au programme de ce meetup nous aurons:
  • Julier Grollier qui nous parlera de ses avancées en architectures neuromorphiques pour l'IA,
  • Marc Lelarge un des gagnants du hackaton ICU Datathon présenté au meetup en Décembre dernier.
  • Quentin Perron qui nous parlera de drug design

 Programme détaillé (les présentations seront mises ici avant le meetup)

Event extract on Twitter, Serge Nakache

General patient representation from electronic health records
We propose a deep learning algorithm to learn a low dimensional representation (embedding) of patients from their raw electronic health records. We evaluate our embeddings with descriptive analysis and a code assignement task. These representations would be reusable for other tasks such as patient similarity for cohort selection, information retrieval, electronic phenotyping, prediction.

New drug design is a long (5 years), costly (50-100M$) and unproductive process (1% success rate from hit to pre-clinical candidate)…
Iktos aims to leverage big data and AI to bring radical improvement to this process. Iktos has invented and is developing a truly innovative and disruptive artificial intelligence technology for ligand-based de novo drug design, focusing on multi parametric optimization (MPO). Our proprietary technology is built upon the latest developments in deep learning algorithms.
In a few hours, our technology can design new, druggable and synthesizable molecules, that are optimized to match all your selection criteria.

In this talk, I will show that magnetic nano-oscillators are promising building block for accelerating deep networks in hardware

Nano neurons, 2 min video (

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Anonymous said...

Ca aura lieu où cet événement?

Igor said...

toutes les infos pour s'inscrire sont ici: