Saturday, March 18, 2017

Six million page views: The Number's Game in Long Distance Blogging

The Long Distance Blogging continues. Six million page views roughly amounts to about a million page views per year but those stats don't include the 800+ people receiving this blog as a "newsletter" every day. If you want every new entries directly in your mailbox, enter your email address here:
At NIPS, I was surprised to learn that some readers would call the blog a newsletter as they probably seldo come on the site directly.  There is also the subscribe to Nuit Blanche RSS feed which has about 1200 subscribers. 

The Nuit Blanche Community where I repost blog entries on other social networks are:
These are two groups on LinkedIn where people can interact. Members receive only a monthly Nuit Blanche in Review, as opposed to a daily blog posting frequency as above:

We are currently in Season 4 of the Paris Machine Learning meetup. Our membership seems to indicate that this is probably the third largest in the world regionwise after Silicon Valley and New York, so with Franck, we decided to invest in a site, it's We've had 18 meetups since September. Here are some sites associated with the Paris Machine Learning Community 

Over the course of writing Nuit Blanche, there was a need to make some information available in more constant fashion, here are these reference pages
Here are the historical figures:

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