Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Today: Paris Machine Learning, Hors série #5 Season 4: : See.4C Spatio-temporal Series Hackathon

So today, we'll have a hackaton featured as a Paris Machine Learning meetup, (Hors série #5 Season 6). "See.4C Spatio-temporal Series Hackathon"
The video streaming of the presentation is here:

The program (and presentation slides) is as follows:
8:00Breakfast and registration. Group forming.
8:30 am (10 min): Isabelle Guyon (UPSud Paris-Saclay). Welcome.
8:40 am (20 min): Florin Popescu (Fraunhofer). Project presentation. Sneak peek at the data.
9:00 am (20 min): Sergio Escalera, Xavier Baro, and Julio Jacques (U. Barcelona). Sneak peek at the data and deep learning benchmarks.
9:20 am (40 min): Gael Varoquaux (INRIA). Learning on very noisy spatio-temporal series: lessons from fMRI.
10:00 am (30 min): Break. Group discussions.
10:30 am (40 min): Ivan Laptev (INRIA). Video forecasting, a computer vision approach.
11:10 am (40 min): Sebastien Treguer (La Paillasse). Hands-on Python tutorial for spatio-temporal time series prediction.
12:00 pmLunch break (free lunch for participants having completed the prerequisites). Group forming. Sneak peek at the challenge.
13:00 pm (40 min): Antoine Marot (RTE).Forecasting power flows to ensure grid security with increasing complexity.
13:40 pm (40 min): Nadine Peyrieras (CNRS). Analyzing 3D+time microscopy images of developing organisms and reconstruct their cell lineage.
14:10 pm (40 min): Balazs Kegl (CNRS, Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science).
15:00 pmHackathon.
18:00 pmStephane Ayache and Cecile Capponi (AMU). Announcement of the winners of the day and wrap up.
19:00 pm: Adjourn.

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