Monday, February 20, 2017

Thesis: Sparse Grids for Big Data: Exploiting Parsimony for Large-Scale Learning by Valeriy Khakhutskyy

Congratulations Dr. Khakhutskyy !

Sparse Grids for Big Data: Exploiting Parsimony for Large-Scale Learning by Valeriy Khakhutskyy
High-dimensional data analysis becomes ubiquitous in both science and industry. An important tool for data analysis is supervised learning with non-parametric models, which estimates the dependency between target and input variables without imposing explicit assumptions on the data. This generality, however, comes at a price of computational costs that grow exponentially with the dimensionality of the input. In general, nonparametric models cannot evade this curse of dimensionality unless the problem exhibits certain properties. Hence, to facilitate large-scale supervised learning, this thesis focuses on two such properties: the existence of a low-dimensional manifold in the data and the discounting importance of high-order interactions between input variables. Often a problem would exhibit both these properties to a certain degree. To identify and exploit these properties, this work extends the notion of parsimony for hierarchical sparse grid models. It develops learning algorithms that simultaneously optimise the model parameters and the model structure to befit the problem at hand.
The new algorithms for adaptive sparse grids increase the range of computationally feasible supervised learning problems. They decrease the computation costs for training sparse grid models and the memory footprint of the resulting models. Hence, the algorithms can be used for classification and regression on high-dimensional data. Furthermore, they improve the interpretability of the sparse grid model and are suitable for learning the structure of the underlying
data distribution.

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