Monday, February 27, 2017

Ce soir: Paris Machine Learning, Hors serie #7 Season 4: Machine Learning for Arts, Gene Kogan

The video streaming of the event is here:

Tonight we will have a special hors série (Hors serie #7 Season 4) on Machine Learning for Arts with Gene Kogan. To register, please go here. The event will be hosted and sponsored by our good friends at Mobiskill

This talk will examine the most recent wave of artistic, creative, and humorous projects applying machine learning in various domains, producing troves of machine-hallucinated text, images, sounds, and video, demonstrating an affinity to imitating human style and sensibility.
These experimental works attempt to show the capacity of these machines for producing aesthetically and culturally meaningful art, while also challenging them to illuminate their most obscure and counterintuitive properties.
Additionally, a series of in-progress educational materials by the speaker will be shown, including demos, code samples, artistic works, and explanatory writings about the topic.

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