Monday, July 18, 2016

Single-shot diffuser-encoded light field imaging

Oh ! A new compressive sensing hardware, woohoo !

Single-shot diffuser-encoded light field imaging by Nicholas Antipa , Sylvia Necula , Ren Ng , Laura Waller

We capture 4D light field data in a single 2D sensor image by encoding spatio-angular information into a speckle field (causticpattern) through a phase diffuser. Using wave-optics theory and a coherent phase retrieval method, we calibrate the system by measuring the diffuser surface height from through-focus images. Wave-optics theory further informs the design of system geometry such that a purely additive ray-optics model is valid. Light field reconstruction is done using nonlinear matrix inversion methods, including l_1 minimization. We demonstrate a prototype system and present empirical results of 4D light field reconstruction and computational refocusing from a single diffuser-encoded 2D image.

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