Monday, August 10, 2015

CSjob: Internship Opening: Nonlinear Dynamics and Control, MERL

Petros just sent me the following internship opportunity:
Internship Opening: Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

We have a new internship opening at MERL. As I have mentioned before, MERL is a great place for research. We are a very diverse lab, with expertise in a large variety of disciplines. Our relatively small size enables very fruitful interaction among us. This internship is the result of this interaction. It is for a very exciting project, combining nonlinear dynamics and control with sensing. The listing follows.

MM894: Nonlinear Dynamics and Control

MERL is seeking a motivated and qualified individual to conduct research in dynamics and control. The ideal candidate should be a senior Ph.D. student and have solid background in model reduction of PDEs, stability analysis & observer design for nonlinear systems of ODEs. Knowledge of adaptive control techniques and/or sensing methods such as compressive sensing is a plus. The candidate should have some experience in Fluid Dynamics. Publication of the results produced during the internship is expected. The duration of the internship is expected to be 3-6 months. Start date is flexible.

Please spread the word and apply on our internship website, here. 
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