Friday, July 17, 2015

CSJob: Postdoc and/or a Graduate Studentship, Iowa State University

Namrata Vaswani   just sent me the following:
  Dear Igor, 
Hope you are doing well. Could you please post this postdoc ad in your blog. Thanks much.
Sure Namrata ! Namrata is looking for a postdoc and/or a graduate student to start in her group for Fall 2015, Spring 2016 or Fall 2016.  
The proposed research lies at the intersection of machine learning for high dimensional problems and signal or information processing. Details can also be found at Prof. Namrata Vaswani is looking for a postdoc to start in her group to work on theory and algorithms for online structured data matrix recovery problems such as online robust PCA.

Candidates with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (EE), Mathematics /Applied Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics and with background related to the topics mentioned below are encouraged to apply.

Namrata's research lies at the intersection of signal/information processing and machine learning for high dimensional problems. In recent years, her group has worked on developing and analyzing online algorithms for various high-dimensional structured data recovery problems such as online sparse matrix recovery (recursive recovery of sparse vector sequences) or dynamic compressed sensing, online robust principal components' analysis (PCA) and online matrix completion, sparse PCA etc. Some ongoing work also involves proof of concept applications in video analytics and bioimaging. For more details, see her webpage (the two talks posted on this page will provide a good overview).

If you are interested, please email with the subject line `Postdoc application`. Please attach a copy of your resume, either a transcript (scanned or unofficial is fine) or a link to your webpage and a copy of your paper(s).
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