Thursday, June 18, 2015

Two Conferences: MMMA-2015, Moscow, August 2015 and CfP RSL-CV 2015, Santiago, Chile, Dec. 2015

Two meetings of interest:

Ivan just sent me the following:
Dear Igor,

we are organizing the 4-th international conference in Moscow on Matrices in Mathematics and Applications (MMMA-2015) . Low-rank approximation of matrices and tensors will be the core topic of many talks.

I think it might be interesting to the readers of your blog. It is also a good time to visit Russia, since it is not very expensive now.

With best wishes,
Ivan Oseledets 
Thanks Ivan !

Andrews also sent me the following:

Hi Igor,

I'd like to forward you this call for paper for workshop on robust subspace learning and computer vision.

Best regards,


Call for Paper for Workshop on
Robust Subspace Learning and Computer Vision (RSL-CV 2015)
Santiago, Chile, in conjunction with ICCV 2015 (

Recent research on robust subspace learning and tracking by decomposition into low-rank plus additive matrices provides a suitable framework for computer vision applications such as video coding, key frame extraction, hyper-spectral video processing, dynamic MRI, motion saliency detection and background/foreground separation. In this context, decomposition into low rank plus sparse matrices has been developed in different formulation problems such as robust principal component analysis, robust non-negative matrix factorization, robust matrix completion, subspace tracking, and low-rank minimization
The aim of RSL-CV 2015 ( are three-fold: 1) proposing robust subspace learning and tracking for computer vision applications, 2) proposing new adaptive and incremental algorithms for robust subspace learning and tracking to reach the requirements of real-time applications such as background/foreground separation, motion saliency and video coding, and 3) proposing robust algorithms to tackle key challenges in applications such as dynamic backgrounds and illumination changes for background/foreground separation.
Intention to Submit (not mandatory):           June 30, 2015 (with a tentative title to send to
Full Paper Submission Deadline:                   September 1, 2015 (for papers not submitted at ICCV)
                                                                      September 10, 2015 (for papers that are awaiting for ICCV decisions)
Decisions to Authors:                                    October 1, 2015
Camera-ready Deadline:                               October 16, 2015

Thierry Bouwmans, Laboratoire MIA, Univ. La Rochelle, France.
Paul Rodriguez, DSP / DIP Laboratory, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Peru.
Namrata Vaswani, Iowa State University. USA.
Brendt Wohlberg, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA.
John Wright, Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, USA.
El-Hadi Zahzah, Laboratoire L3I, Univ. La Rochelle, France.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE (To be completed)
Necdet Serhat Aybat, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Jun He, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, China
Soon Ki Jung, Kyungpook National University, Korea
Shiqian Ma, Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Gonzalo Mateos, Univ. of Rochester, USA 
Lucia Maddalena, National Research Council, Italy
Shinichi Nakajima, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
Fatih Porikli, NICTA and Australian National University, Australia
Caifeng Shan, Philips Research, The Netherlands (To be confirmed)
Xianbiao Shu, Qualcomm, San Diego, USA

Accepted papers will be published in the ICCV 2015 Workshop Proceedings. Selected papers, after extensions and further revisions, will be published in a special issue in an international journal.
Thanks Andrews !
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