Friday, August 23, 2013

Coded Acquisition of High Frame Rate Video

Here is a different approach to temporal coded aperture (see previous Duke's effort featured recentlt in these entries: Coded aperture compressive temporal imaging and Video Compressive Sensing by Larry Carin ( compressive hyperspectral camera and Compressive video )). Here, we have different architecture where several cameras are used.

Coded Acquisition of High Frame Rate Video by Reza Pournaghi, Xiaolin Wu

High frame video (HFV) is an important investigational tool in sciences, engineering and military. In ultra-high speed imaging, the obtainable temporal, spatial and spectral resolutions are limited by the sustainable throughput of in-camera mass memory, the lower bound of exposure time, and illumination conditions. In order to break these bottlenecks, we propose a new coded video acquisition framework that employs K larger than 2 conventional cameras, each of which makes random measurements of the 3D video signal in both temporal and spatial domains. For each of the K cameras, this multi-camera strategy greatly relaxes the stringent requirements in memory speed, shutter speed, and illumination strength. The recovery of HFV from these random measurements is posed and solved as a large scale l1 minimization problem by exploiting joint temporal and spatial sparsities of the 3D signal. Three coded video acquisition techniques of varied trade offs between performance and hardware complexity are developed: frame-wise coded acquisition, pixel-wise coded acquisition, and column-row-wise coded acquisition. The performances of these techniques are analyzed in relation to the sparsity of the underlying video signal. Simulations of these new HFV capture techniques are carried out and experimental results are reported.
I wish they would show some video results somewhere,

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