Monday, August 05, 2013

Videos and Slides SAHD 2013, Duke Workshop on Sensing and Analysis of High-Dimensional Data

Larry Carin and Becca Willett just le me know that all the videos of the SAHD meeting are up here. Thank you to the organizers David Brady, Robert Calderbank, Lawrence Carin, Ingrid Daubechies,David Dunson, Mauro Maggioni, Sayan Mukherjee, Guillermo Sapiro and Rebecca Willett for making these videos available. From the page:

Videos and Slides from Oral Sessions
23-25 July 2013
Duke University

23 July 2013
Morning Session

Ronald DeVore - Recovering a High Dimensional Manifold from Snapshots

Ronald Coifman - Harmonic Analysis on Data Arrays

Sinan Gunturk - Quantization Alternatives for Frames and Compression Systems
Video:  , Slides

Jarvis Haupt - Compressive Saliency Sensing

Afternoon Session

Ben Recht - Going off the Grid

Amit Singer - Global registration of multiple point clouds using semidefinite programming

Rachel Ward - Sparse recovery without incoherence

Andrea Bertozzi - Geometric methods in image processing networks, and machine learning

24 July 2013
Morning Session

Robert Nowak - Sparse Overlapping Sets Lasso for Multitask Learning and its Application to fMRI Analysis

Vladimir Koltchinskii - Low Rank Estimation of Smooth Kernels on Weighted Graphs

Volkan Cevher - Composite Self-concordant Minimization

Michael Gehm - Gigapixel!

Afternoon Session 

Karl Rohe - Preconditioning for sparse inference

Joel Tropp - Living on the edge: A geometric theory of phase transitions in convex optimization

Rene Vidal - See All by Looking at A Few: Sparse Modeling for Finding Data Exemplars

Venkat Chandrasekaran - Computational and Statistical Tradeoffs via Convex Relaxation
Video:  , Slides

25 July 2013
Morning Session

Howard Bondell - Consistent high-dimensional Bayesian variable selection via penalized credible regions
Video:   , Slides

Tony Jebara - Graphical Model Inference with Perfect Graphs
Video:   ,  Slides

Natesh Pillai - Constructing shrinkage prior distributions in high dimensions
Video:   ,  Slides

Tomaso Poggio - The computational magic of the ventral stream: sketch of a theory
Video:   , Slides

Afternoon Session

Stan Osher - What Sparsity and l1 Optimization Can Do For You 

Ryan Adams - Discovering Implicit Networks from Point Process Data
Video:   ,  Slides

Alan Qi - Bayesian approaches for correlated variable selection and online learning
Video:    , Slides

Justin Romberg - Dynamic L1 Reconstruction

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