Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sparse- and Low-Rank Approximation Wiki

Stephen Becker let me know of this new wiki he set up: the Sparse- and low-rank Approximation Wiki. From the introduction:
"...Welcome to the sparse- and low-rank approximation wiki. This wiki has information on solvers and problems that arise in these fields (and subfields, such as compressed sensing). Everyone is welcome and encouraged to edit this wiki; it runs on the same software as wikipedia. Please use common-sense and standard etiquette when editing. The first step to editing is to create an account. For an idea of where to start editing, see pages that are wanted. If you have an implementation of an algorithm, please link to it! There are many excellent lists of related material on the web. This wiki is not trying to duplicate this information, but rather provide a less comprehensive but more detailed listing of available methods. The goal is that this website becomes a useful tool for practitioners searching for the ideal algorithm, and for researchers wanting to develop new methods..."
I have started adding a few resources, don't hesitate to participate. Thanks Stephen for the initiative.

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