Saturday, September 10, 2011

We want to be mesmerized

Sometimes, it is better to think of oneself as being the enabler of the softer side of things. With this whole avenue of low rank work, most applications seem geared toward surveillance video and finding out what some customers' tastes are. This is all well, a good recommender systems is what makes sometimes the difference between a good cable TV outlet and a very bad one but deep down the kid in you says: "I want more", we want to be mesmerized not guessed. Here is an obvious application of Low Rank that could be directly applicable to enabling the rapid production of clay figure movies like Wallace and Gromit. The upside ? well, if you have kids, it means you wouldn't have to wait 3 years and 150 viewing of the same movie while waiting for the next episode. I think there is a market for that.

Tchaikovsky Timelapse from joe clarke on Vimeo.

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