Friday, May 27, 2011

Together We Can Be the Dumbest

I used to call it the DUMBEST algorithm, Bob calls it an ensemble algorithm [1], this is so refined, so elegant ... I like it.

Credit: NASA


Bob et Carla said...
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Bob et Carla said...

I like your acronym Igor, and the self-deprecating humor, but it won't sell an idea! :)

I think your algorithm is not the same. With the ensemble of solvers, the measurements are already made. We just choose the reconstruction giving the lowest error. We don't make any assumption that the set of signals recovered by OMP includes the set of signals recovered by BP, for instance. I have found the two sets overlap, but one is not a subset.

Igor said...


The idea of DUMBEST is to use only the measurements you have with a series of different solvers and see if some sort of correlation can tell you a solution (without the oracle of the DT computation where you know the solution). So in effect, I really think it is of the same vein. Let me expand on this a little further in an entry.