Monday, May 16, 2011

I Am Nothing To You

Every once in a while I am being asked to feature a paper that the author kindly sends along as an E-mail attachment. It's either an accepted for publication preprint or an already published paper, either way, our community has already paid through the review process it took to make that final version. People reading this blog are generally part of that community, they will think highly of you not because your paper is featured here but because the insight you provide is going to change their world. What is the point of sending me a copy of that paper for my own use ? I don't write your paycheck, I certainly don't give you a job and I almost certainly am not the right person to say whether what you wrote is worth a damn. In short,  I am nothing to you. You want to be a rock star, act like one.

Credit: Robert Pless, AMOS picture of the day. Can you explain the colors

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