Saturday, May 14, 2011

Open Ended Questions

Every so often, some of you kindly ask me for directions in your own research. I don't mind helping at all but I am also busy and sometimes you either may not like my answer (because it is not as complete as you expected) or feel that I am slow in responding.  One of the issue with regards to answering this type of e-mail revolves around trying to figure out who you are, i.e. what is your background and your level of understanding of specific issues. What would be very nice is if you could add to your request the type of search (in particular the keywords) you did on Nuit Blanche or on the Google so I can see the type of vocabulary that you are using and help you accordingly. 

Also be aware that I may feature your questions (after anonymizing it for context and name) on the blog since I will also provide my answer there as well.

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