Sunday, July 18, 2010

CS: These Technologies Do Not Exist: Time Modulated Photo-Multiplier Tubes

As an addendum to yesterday's entry on Compressive MultiChannel Analyzers, one couldd also think of a way to do some type of time multiplexing of the Photo-Multiplier Tubes (PMT). The multiplexing could be performed by oscillating resistances between the dynodes or by modulating the power supply of the PMT..

Why would you want to have a technology like this one ? At the very least it could provide some rapid detection of abnormal events from a steady state background. This modulation could also be undertaken in concert with a modulation of the Random Anger Coding Scheme or the Random X-ray Collector mentioned earlier.

This entry will be added to the "These Technologies Do Not Exist" page.


David said...

Sarcastic title? This technology certainly does exist...

Igor said...

It certainly does not exist. Care for a reference ?


David said...

Hi Igor,

Sorry, didn't mean to sound condescending, and maybe I misunderstand the proposal.

If this was a passive detection would it not be described as an analogue lock-in amplifier?

Or if active, a heterodyne or homodyne detection scheme?

Our community routinely uses active non-linear detection with PMTs to measure phase and amplitude of time-modulated photon density waves in biological tissues. For example:


Igor said...


Thank you very much. I need to read on this further. Can you contact me by e-mail ?