Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CS: Efficient Sampling of Sparse Wideband Analog Signals

Moshe MishaliYonina Eldar and Joel Tropp
just released Efficient Sampling of Sparse Wideband Analog Signals. The abstract reads:

Periodic nonuniform sampling is a known method to sample spectrally sparse signals below the Nyquist rate. This strategy relies on the implicit assumption that the individual samplers are exposed to the entire frequency range. This assumption becomes impractical for wideband sparse signals. The current paper proposes an alternative sampling stage that does not require a full-band front end. Instead, signals are captured with an analog front end that consists of a bank of multipliers and lowpass filters whose cutoff is much lower than the Nyquist rate. The problem of recovering the original signal from the low-rate samples can be studied within the framework of compressive sampling. An appropriate parameter selection ensures that the samples uniquely determine the analog input. Moreover, the analog input can be stably reconstructed with digital algorithms. Numerical experiments support the theoretical analysis.
It may be a good scheme for the Arduino,wink, wink :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Igor,

I'd like to know a little bit more about "It may be a good scheme for the Arduino,wink, wink :-)".

What do you mean? For what purpose do you use it?

Have you ever been considering new OMAP3 based hardware like Beagleboard and Gumstix Overo?