Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Compressed Sensing: Author Needs Help

Does any reader of this blog have the following paper in their harddrive ?

David Donoho and Yaakov Tsaig, Fast solution of ell-1-norm minimization problems when the solution may be sparse. (Preprint, 2006)

It used to be at: http://www.stanford.edu/%7Etsaig/Papers/FastL1.pdf

The html version is available from Google. It was listed on the Compressed Sensing repository website as of January 6, 2007 and was accessible until recently. The Compressed Sensing repository at Rice did not have a local copy and one of the author is looking for your help in finding this preprint (his account was wiped out).

Thanks for your help.


Craig Schmidt said...

I had a copy, so I've posted it here.


Hope this is helpful,
Craig Schmidt

Igor said...

Thank you Craig.


Mario said...

It seems someone had it, but here's another place where you can find this paper: the \Papers\FastL1 folder of the SparseLab package, available at


Charlie said...

I couldn't find it, however searching Stanford Web for "Donoho *.pdf" returned about 10 pages of hits.

Charles Gilbert

Igor said...

Mario and Charlie,

It has been found and is now on the Rice repository. Thanks.